Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Grace Song

Jesus is singing a song of grace over me today......

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Every day He sings this over me, but today I am more aware of His grace. More aware of the blood that washes me clean. That covered my Mother in her death from cancer. That covered my friend Tiff's early death in her 30's last year. This grace that keeps no record of wrongs but rather longs to wash us clean of our brokenness.

I had about 3 hours sleep last night. An allergic reaction of some sort – most probably to an environmental chemical. Where? Only God knows. Today was HARD. Last night was even HARDER. As symptoms goes I had the “works deal”! As grace goes, I had the works deal too.

My brain is tired, my body is exhausted yet He has sustained me on my sick bed as He promised to do in Psalm 41:1-3 – verses He gave me 18 months ago. Ones I have clung to, often. He has miraculously provided today as He has promised to do. All day long I have felt a peace that knows no understanding, a love for my children that is inconceivable, a patience in disciplining disobedience that must only come from God and a desire to still serve my family joyfully while attempting to be smart about resting my body.

It is ironic really, since only last night, before all the dramas I was leading a ladies' bible study on Psalm 116 and 118, pointing out the key verses on God's provision in trial and our reply of thankfulness out of joy. We read James 1 where it says to consider it pure joy when you face trials of any kind as they mature you in your faith. I didn't quite expect it all to happen within 30 min of my return home – the trial that is.

But do I have joy? A resounding yes! Because it is only in such circumstances that I see His abundant provision for me and His abundant grace. A grace that covers me in all my brokeness – though I strive for His righteousness. All day long I have sung songs in my heart to Him, thanking Him for His grace that is sufficient to cover a woman and mother such as myself who is allergic to pretty much every chemical known to man.

And so I declare with joy and a shout that “The blood of Jesus washes me!” and I praise my God who is my provider, defender and sustainer until my life on this earth here is done.

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