Sunday, 21 December 2014

The Unknown Travesty

Australia is in mourning after the death of two innocent people by an Islamic terrorist, following a siege this past week in Sydney. The outpouring of grief has been enormous, with large portions of the Sydney CBD blanketed with flowers
as citizens show their support and grief in long processions. There are choirs singing tributes, non-stop media coverage, Prime Ministers and dignitaries all formally showing their abhorrence of the tragedy. The Australian community is united in calling evil, evil.

And it’s sad. 
An evil ideology resulted in the murderous death of others.

But there is another evil, ideology that is resulting in even more innocent deaths in Australia and the MSM is not talking about it. The majority of Australians are ignoring it. Conservative estimates put the death rate at 220 a day or approximately 80000 - 90 000 deaths a year! This is enormous but the majority are silent.

Where are the flowers?
Where are the processions of grief?
Where is the non-stop media coverage calling for change?
Where are the dignitaries, the choirs, the community united in fighting the evil?

There is nothing to see this week. Nor was there last week or the week before that.

Are we in a trance?
Are we asleep?
Are our consciences numb?

Have we been allured into thinking that not all innocent deaths are equal?

Isn’t it a greater travesty when an innocent death is not acknowledged as evil?

Isn’t it a greater travesty when innocent deaths are not even counted?

God forgive us!

Conservatively, it is estimated that 80 000 - 90 000 abortions occurred this year in Australia. Medicare does not keep accurate statistics as reported before Parliament several years ago. This is the government’s best guess.

These deaths are not counted.
These deaths are not acknowledged as the result of an evil ideology.
These deaths are not publicly grieved.

What are you doing about it?


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