Tuesday, 8 March 2016

7 Top Tips for Healthy Travel with Allergies

  1. Avoid mouldy, dusty, damp accommodation.  We learned the hard way, that super cheap accommodation usually makes us sick. It took us years to work out why. I know. I know. LOL.We should have listened to the Bible's wisdom on avoiding mould and mildew. We thought we were doing the right thing by saving money BUT learned that too cheap is a problem also and you can end up spending money on trying to recover or worse, spend your holidays sick. Think middle of the road. Too cheap - get sick. Too expensive - go broke. Practically, I always look at the accommodation photos provided. See what the bathrooms look like. Do they have obvious mould?  Does the furniture look like it might be dusty and musty? We avoid cane furniture as it just simply collects massive amounts of dust. Leather lounges are usually a healthier choice. Is the accommodation cluttered with 'dust collectors' as my Mother used to call figurenes. Would an organic farm stay be a good option? If this is still all too expensive...try camping. It can be a wonderful, affordable option-  if you choose your location wisely. Just be wise when choosing your tent - watch out for mould and off-gassing from synthetic materials. Clean air is important when you sleep if you don't want to wake up sneezing and groggy.
  2. Choose self-catering apartments. Even though you are in holiday mode, still consider self-catering. Not only is this way cheaper for a family but the other bonus is that your food will generally be much healthier than anything you can buy. You will know exactly what went into it. The money you save can be spent on outings, adventures and day trips. If you really need a break from cooking, choose to cook simple meals or share the cooking around the family. My Mother always pre-cooked meals to freeze and take away on holidays in the weeks leading up to our trips. By cooking extra each night, she soon had a good selection of frozen healthy food options for our family. We simply had to reheat them on the stove -not the microwave!
  3. Buy drinking water.  Clean water is important if you want to stay healthy. We have found it is worthwhile costing into our holiday the added expense of buying filtered, non-chlorinated, non-flurodated water for the family. Where possible we buy the Pureau brand in the 10 litre casks. We learned that by keeping our gut flora healthy, we significantly lowered our chances of having an allergic reaction.
  4. Avoid swimming in pools and spas. The heavily chlorinated water will wreak havoc on your immune system. If it's hot weather, choose to stay near a beach or clean river where healthy swimming is an option.
  5. Be wise when eating out. Look for heathy options, low in food additives and preservatives and avoid those 'foods' that really aren't foods at all. We've found that grilled fish/steak and veggies or authentic, traditional Indian food are some of the better choices. Try to choose lean grass fed meats or wild caught fish as the more natural alternatives. Non-organic lamb is often a better choice than beef, simply because it is more likely to have been fed a grass-fed diet. Listen to your body and be wise.
  6. Take your own cleaners and toiletries. It is a simple thing to pack organic dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent and toiletries. Anything that comes in contact with the skin can be absorbed through into the body. Avoid the chemical nasties. By taking your own, you will know exactly what you a re putting on your skin.
  7. Do your homework. If we are holidaying in an unfamiliar place, I usually spend a little bit of time before hand doing some reconnaissance. Is there an organic shop? Is there a health food shop? Is there a bakery that sells traditional sourdough bread? Is there a Woolworths? (They have a better range of healthy options compared to Coles in my opinion). Is there a fresh fish store? What is available in eating-out options? A lot of time and stress can be saved by spending an hour on the net doing your homework.

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