The Leading Cause of Death in Australia in 2020

As I write this today, in my home in rural Australia, there have been 907 deaths in my country from the corona virus also known as covid in 2020. And whilst that is not a good thing, it has not been the leading cause of death in Australia, in 2020.  In 2020,   2000 Australians  died from prescription only  pharmaceutical over-doses, both intentional and unintentional. More Australians died from prescription pharmaceutical over doses than died from illicit drug over doses. Let me be very clear, that I do not endorse in any way illicit drug taking. But what is significant is that this is a pattern that has been going on for quite some time. It appears from the statistics, that prescription only pharmaceutical over doses have been the leading cause of death for close on 5 years, in Australia.  What is even more alarming, is that the number of pharmaceutical induced deaths in Australia is out passing our population growth by 3% every year. That is a significant finding. Prescribed pharmace

A Good Name.

In 2016, I saw my grandfather alive for the last time. I called him 'Poppa'. We were living just outside Brisbane and he was living in an aged care facility in George's Hall, NSW. For weeks, I had said to my husband, "I need to go and see Poppa. It's like a smoke alarm going off in my head. I need to see him. God is trying to tell me something. This is important."  I had been keeping in regular touch with him by phone and letters, though this time, I was sure I was being told I needed to see him in person. Money was tight for us at the time. We didn't know how we would afford it. We trusted God to provide and agreed I should go. So, I booked a flight to see him only to be told that he had been admitted to hospital the day before I arrived, if I remember correctly now. He couldn't breathe. He had really bad pneumonia - something that was happening regularly to him, at that time. He started crying when he saw me. Telling me his body didn't work

Australia's Bikini/Speedo Shame

Let me just say up front, that when I was young and stupid and foolish, I wore a bikini on a beach in public, in Australia and USA. I am so ashamed of that. I stopped doing that a long, long time ago now. I repented before God For that is who I really offended. I asked his forgiveness. He forgave me. I ask the forgiveness of the men who saw me as well. And their wives. I trespassed. A beautiful model said that she thought it was okay if you're not fat. I said no. It wouldn't matter if I had the best figure in the is still wrong. Shape has nothing to do with it. It's just plain immodest.  Not only that, but it violates my marriage to Mark to dress like that in public. It also violates me. I am told not to cause other's to lust. Life is not great when you are walking around in public, pretty much naked for all the world to see and lust at. Lust doesn't come from God. (1 John 2:15-17). Perverts. Prostitution. All evil in

A Mother's Love - Poem

I wrote this poem shortly after my mother died on Australia Day 2011, whilst processing the over whelming  emotions that hit me unexpectedly. I had had other people die in my life - but my mother's death hit especially hard, She was young and I was young, and still raising my very, young children. I still had so many questions I wanted to ask her...and now I had no one to ask them of.  My daughter was only just 5. It hurts for both of us now that she has very little memory of her, yet my mother when she was alive, was always there for her. Always kind. Always helping out. Always talking, hugging her. Caring for her. Loving her. Yet my daughter still knows that my mother loved her deeply. Even with only a few, short years of time together, my mother's godly love towards her was written on her heart, like God designed it to be. My husband's two biological grandmother's, both widows, loved me especially through this time. My own biological grandparents lived a wh

Beware of Ancestor Worship

As we approach ANZAC Day here in Australia, I was once again reminded of the importance of only praying to our God - not to any dead saints or ancestors. I am an Australian Christian of jewish ethnicity. I am sensitive to ANZAC Day because of the horrific torture and atrocities that took place. And to be honest, there are still horrific atrocities happening in the world in our times. The Australian main stream media and media personalities often talk using terms such as 'spirit of Christmas', spirit of Australia' or the 'spirit of the ANZACs' and it appears, they are encouraging the worship of these spirits, which I do not believe are the Holy Spirit of the Living God.  As Christians, we are repeatedly told not to worship, pray or burn incense to idolatrous spirits. For several years now, ANZAC Day has looked more like ancestor worship here in Australia than a respectful remembrance of past war tragedies and our own sinful inadequacies. Jesus Christ's Nam

The Marvel of 'Unschooling'

I could have done any number of different things today. In fact, it's the same every day. The choices are endless if you think about it. So how do we as Christians decide how we actually fill our days, or to put it another way, how do we know with what activities of daily living we are to occupy ourselves with? For me, it all comes down to what God desires of me each day. I have learned over the years, that God always give me what He thinks I need, not what I necessarily think I need. You see, I am a created being. He is the Sovereign Creator King. The Bible says that He has prepared good works in advance for me to do. By faith, each day, I ask to do those good things. The things that build up His kingdom, bring justice, defend the widows and fatherless, deliver me or others from evil. I could go on. ....I submit to doing that. Usually it's a heart/mind thing - an aligning of my will with His as I rise or wake up each morning. In Zechariah 4:10 we read that we are not


The last few nights the weather on the mountain where I live, has turned a little cooler. Autumn is finally starting to show it's colours and I reflect on the warm months that have just passed and all that God has gifted me, my family and Australia, in His grace. One morning during the bushfires, we had a very early knock at the door only to be told that the neighbour's little girl was missing. I'd heard sirens all morning and knew it was urgent. There was a grassfire just up the street. We prayed. She was found safe within 10 minutes. No fires touched our home. No fires destroyed our property. The air remained breathable where we lived. All glory to God. Faith prevailed. Next came the drought. We ran out of water five times. Five. Times. In 12 or so years of living on rain water, we'd never run out like this before. The grass died. The vegetable garden died but the fruit bearing trees didn't. Once again though, it was just another opportunity for my God t