Sunday, 23 January 2022

Fact: Death rate from COVID-19 higher in vaccinated.

Of the 91 deaths reported in QLD in the past 11 days due to the COVID-19 virus, 70 were vaccinated and 21 were not. 

Let's look at some facts from between 13/01/2022 - 23/01/2022 as reported by the ABC News comparing the death rate in the vaccinated versus the death rate in the unvaccinated, in those who became ill from the COVID-19 virus in Queensland, Australia.

Time in days from 13/01/2022 - 23/01/2022

14/01/2022 - 9 deaths reported between 13/01/2022 - 14/01/2022. 5 were vaccinated. 55.55% death rate in the vaccinated who become ill with the virus.

15/01/2022 - 15 deaths reported between 13/01/2022 - 15/01/2022. 11 were vaccinated. 73.33% death rate in the vaccinated who become ill with the virus.

16/01/2022 - 18 deaths reported between 13/01/2022 - 16/01/2022. 14 were vaccinated. 77.7% death rate in vaccinated who catch the virus.

17/01/2022 - 25 deaths reported between 13/01/2022 - 17/01/2022. 19 were vaccinated. 76% death rate in vaccinated who become ill with the COVID-19 virus.

18/01/2022 - 41 deaths reported between 13/01/2022 - 18/01/2022. 31 were vaccinated. 75.6% death rate in vaccinated who become ill with the COVID-19 virus.

19/01/2022 - 52 deaths were reported between 13/01/2022 - 19/01/2022. 40 were vaccinated. 76.9% death rate in vaccinated who become ill with the COVID-19 virus.

20/01/2022 - 58 deaths were reported between 13/01/2022 - 20/01/2022. 43 were vaccinated. 74.13% death rate in vaccinated who become ill with the COVID-19 virus.

21/01/2022 - 71 deaths were reported between 13/01/2022 - 21/01/2022. 54 were vaccinated. 76.05% death rate in vaccinated who become ill with the COVID-19 virus.

22/01/2022 - 81 deaths were reported between 13/01/2022 - 22/01/2020. 63 were vaccinated. 77.77% death rate in vaccinated who became ill with the COVID-19 virus.

23/01/2022 - 91 deaths were reported between 13/01/2022 - 23/01/2022. 70 were vaccinated. 76.92% death rate in vaccinated who become ill with the COVID-19 virus. 

Every person has the right to choose to not be vaccinated without being punished. For vaccines are a toxic substance that are injurious and cause death and are not effective. 

It is a crime to put any person under duress to receive a toxic substance in Australia. That is in the criminal code.

'No!' means 'No!'

Choose Life!

Saturday, 22 January 2022

77.7% of QLD COVID-19 Deaths in Past 10 Days Were Vaccinated

There is a very good reason the Living God lovingly warns people to not vaccinate.

In the past 10 days, 77.7% of COVID-19 deaths reported were vaccinated. The dates included in this analysis were from 13/01/22 - 22/01/22. 

Of the 81 reported deaths from the virus, 63 were vaccinated. 18 people were not vaccinated.

There is an average death rate in the vaccinated of 6.3 deaths a day and in the unvaccinated of 1.8 deaths per day from the COVID-19 virus.

The death rate is significantly higher in the vaccinated.

On the 21/01/22, it is reported that 91.79 % of QLD residents over 16 years of age are now vaccinated with a poison.

Statistically, this does not look very good at all for those who are vaccinated. 

That is sad news, for I genuinely care about the Australian people and I have repeatedly warned the Prime Minister of Australia Mr Scott Morrison and Mr Greg Hunt the Federal Health Minister and the QLD CHO and the QLD Health Minister and many others about the detrimental effect vaccines have on a human beings health, yet they are continually asking people to agree to receive a vaccine, in the vain hope that it will 'save them', contrary to what Living God has said and in complete utter disrespect for His law and authority and the truth.

I was also told in a phone call to the TGA in Australia, that they do not stop a vaccination program, even when it is known to cause significant death.

All vaccines in Australia are poisons and so will harm and not heal and not give life. A poison can not give life. All vaccines in Australia are pharmaceuticals and drugs. Pharmacy is a synonym for sorcery.

That is the truth. Please do not vaccinate. Inquire of the Living God as to what you should do to heal your body and then do that. That is your human right. I will continue to update this blog as new data becomes available.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay.

Breathing Easily - Healing for Difficulty Breathing.

I am grateful that I wake up breathing each day. 

Breathing easily.

I am grateful to the True and Living Creator God who gives me life and breath and personhood and a husband and children and family and friends to love and be loved by.

I am grateful for the food, clothing and shelter, animals to care for and crops and fruit trees God has so graciously provided for me.

I don't ever want to stop breathing or existing.

I don't ever want to stop being grateful.

I don't ever want to do anything that requires the death penalty or requires me to no longer live or breathe as a human being.

I love doing what the True and Living God asks of me, moment by moment, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year, for it is always good and perfect.

I hate death.

I don't want to ever live in fear of dying or in fear of another person trying to harm me.

I want to live in perfect obedience to the the True and Living, Creator God who thought I was important enough to create and have exist and who sustains my life.

That same True and Living God who thought my personhood was worth having on this planet and placed me as a citizen of Australia, where I have lived all my life.

God thinks I am of value.

God says I am of value.

That same True and Living God who planned a purposeful life for me so that I could bless others on this earth, according to His plans for me.

God wants me to exist.

I am so grateful.

So many times in my life, when I couldn't breathe...... time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and time and times again, when I inquired of the Creator God as to what He would have me do so that I could breathe easily....the True and Living, Creator God answered my silent prayer for help and kindly helped me breathe!

That is my truth. 

That is my testimony. 

I know that the Living God desires for me to live and live out the perfect life He planned for me.

So I live and exist and breathe and am sustained by the very word of the True and Living God who is my Creator.

For I choose eternal life over eternal death. 

I choose the path of eternal worship of the True and Living, Creator God and obedience to Him.

That is my truth.

That is my testimony.

Thursday, 20 January 2022

How To Heal Retracted, Bleeding Gums and Solve Toothpaste Allergies

For those people with bleeding and retracted and painful gums and or mouth ulcers, may I kindly suggest that you try gently brushing with very good quality olive oil, that is either preservative free or certified organic. It is not very expensive and is easily available at most grocery stores and a little will go a long way. God's word says we are to heal with oil and it speaks highly of healing with olive oil and this does heal gums.

Put a little on a dish or in a small jar, dip your clean, dry tooth brush into it, and very gently brush your gums and teeth. You may spit and rinse with fresh clean water if necessary. The oil, though a food, will heal and not harm your gums and does not need to be removed. Your mouth will feel clean after doing this and there should be no nasty after-taste. You should only need to do this once a day. If your gums are too sore for even the most gentle toothbrush, you could very gently rub your gums with the olive oil with a very clean finger.

This is especially good for people who are allergic and or intolerant to fluoride, and all the other ingredients found in commercial toothpastes and mouthwashes. By using a healing oil to clean your teeth, rather than a toxic paste, your gums should improve very quickly. Typically within a week, you should notice a significant improvement if you follow Godly wisdom with what you eat and drink as well.

If you are struggling with the pain, cloves are a very good natural pain reliever. Put a tea spoon of cloves in a tea pot and make a pot of hot tea. Allow the tea to cool and then gently swirl the tea around your mouth and either swallow it or spit it out. That is up to you. 

The herb thyme is also very good in this situation. You can make a pot of tea with this herb also and do the same as for the clove tea. The thyme has natural anti-infection qualities which will help to heal any infections that are causing the gums to bleed. Thyme tea is also a very good expectorant for coughs and colds and viruses, so feel free to use it at other times, once your gums are healed. 

Non homogenised milk strengthens the teeth and whitens them. Have as many cups of milk as you need, within reason. it will help with any painful aches int he jaw as well.

It is important to drink water that is clean and filtered and does not contain fluoride or chlorine or other toxic chemicals. Pure filtered spring water or pure filtered rain water is very good.

It would also be worth while looking at what you are eating and removing any causes of gum decay. The same foods that the Living God told us to avoid in his wise law, to help us stay strong and healthy, are the same foods that need to be avoided to have healthy gums. I have a blog post titled "Healing Allergies and Diseases" where I have written in more detail on this. White sugar and icing sugar is particularly bad and it is amazing how big an improvement can occur, just by changing to eating raw sugar that has been minimally processed and is more nutrient dense. Brown sugar does not seem to cause the same level of gum disease. Most recipes will allow white sugar to be swapped for raw sugar with little to no effect on the recipe and the taste, yet a huge improvement on the overall health of a person.

Increasing the amount of orange juice (pulp in) you drink is also helpful. The nutrients in it, improve the rate of healing. Fill a 1/4 of a large glass with the orange juice and fill the remainder of the glass with fresh, filtered water as I spoke of above in this article. Drink this several times a day if necessary. If you can't squeeze fresh orange juice, find a good quality fresh orange juice that is preservative free and free of other colours, flavours, reconstituted orange and vitamin c. 

Don't forget to clean your toothbrush after brushing and keep it in a place where it will not grow mould or fungus or pick up germs in the air from toileting. 

Obeying the Living God in what we eat and drink, is worship.

Kind Regards,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay.

Occupational Therapist.

Godly Wisdom About Quarantining for Infectious Diseases.

The Living God in His law, gives Godly wisdom on quarantining the sick for infectious bodily discharges that are spread by saliva/spit, and initially recommends quarantining until the discharge stops and then the male who was infectious must count off 7 days and from the end of those 7 days, the person is no longer infectious and is clean. (Leviticus 15:13 ). They must then go to the priest and the priest will make an offering to the Living God. This is still best practice today in the year 2022 or in the Jewish calendar, 5782 years since the creation of the heavens and the earth as we know it. 

The infectious person is to wash themselves and their clothes with fresh water. 

Any person who comes into contact with them while they are infectious is to wash themselves and their clothes with water and is infectious until evening of that same day.

Any objects that the infectious person touches that are wooden, are to be rinsed with water and any clay objects are to be broken. Their bed and anything they sit on is unclean and must be washed with water.

There is more Godly wisdom there, that is worth reading, with specific instructions for skin diseases, unusual hair loss and for women with unhealthy discharges of blood. 

It is well worth reading and obeying for whilst we as mere humans may not always comprehend why the Living God has declared something, everything He does is good and for our good and it is always best to inquire of Him and obey Him when we want healing. For it is written that He is our Healer. 

“If you really listen to the voice of your God YHWH, and do that which is right in His eyes, and have listened to His commands, and kept all His statutes, none of the sickness which I laid on the Egyptians do I lay on you, for I, YHWH, am healing you.” Exodus 15:26.

For those who question whether the Living God expects us as human beings to obey this after the resurrection of Jesus Christ, I would point out that Jesus Christ at no point said that the Living God's law would cease to need to be obeyed and it is not right to abolish all that is written about what He said before His resurrection, as though it counted for nothing!

"Do not think that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I did not come to abolish but to fulfil. For truly I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not the smallest letter or stroke shall pass from the Law until all is accomplished. "Whoever then annuls one of the least of these commandments, and teaches others [to do] the same, shall be called least in the kingdom of heaven; but whoever keeps and teaches [them], he shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 5:17-19

I would also mention that in the book of Acts, Paul joins with other men in purification rites in Acts 15:24, in Jerusalem and it is again reiterated there that the Living God's righteous law must be obeyed.

If you are unsure at any point in time as to how to obey the Living God's law...Inquire of Him! Always inquire of Him, prayerfully and privately and then, in faithful obedience, do whatever He says. To obey is better than sacrifice.

Kind Blessings,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay

Wednesday, 19 January 2022

What Is The Anti-Vaccine Movement About?

The anti-vaccine movement is about worshiping the Living God, upholding human rights law and not committing murder or allowing others to murder you.

All human beings have the right to faithfully worship the true, supreme Living God and obey faithfully His commands and live. That right is protected under international human rights law, by the United Nations and also by Queensland State law, in Australia, where I live.  

In Australia, all vaccines for human use in Australia are schedule 4 poisons in the poisons standard. It is always illegal to deliberately poison a human being. It is called 'murder'.

So today, with headlines in the Australian news on the ABC and on Sky News, that speak of the Prime Minister of Australia Mr Scott Morrison becoming upset and very angry that there are Australian human beings who do not want to poison either themselves or their children, Mr Scott Morrison's response is evil. 

A loving parent does not deliberately poison their own children with a poison.

I have significant concerns that he would even publicly suggest that any parent should deliberately poison their children. 

Does he not love his own two daughters?

Does he want to deliberately poison them?

These are the questions that I and many others would ask.

I would have significant concerns that he would even publicly suggest that any person should deliberately poison any other person.

He knows that it is a poison. He has been told repeatedly. His wife knows also. She is a nurse. 

He speaks of listening to the voice of the Australian Government. I would kindly suggest, that he inquire of God as to what to do and then obey Him. For it is wrong for a parent to deliberately attempt to poison their own child and encourage others to do so!

I phoned his Cronulla electoral office this morning and explained the truth to them there again, and asked them to pass along the message directly to him, for he was not in his office there. The NSW police have already been informed, months ago about his malicious actions, so have the AFP and the QLD police.

NO person is to deliberately attempt to murder another and especially a defenceless child. That is the law. The man he is very angry and upset with, lives in Queensland and his daughter is a baby. 

Why does Mr Scott Morrison want to poison this man and his legitimate wife's, baby daughter and incite violence to babies and children?

Does he not know that children are one of the Living God's many blessings to parents?

Kind and gentle blessings to all,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay

Why Pure Linen Fabric is the Right Choice and Faithful

My decision to base my clothing business (Linen Clothing Shop) on clothing made from linen fabric is a faith-based one. As a human being, I have the right to worship God and remain faithful to Him, His righteous law and to my legal husband and a right to live. That is international human rights law, protected by the United Nations, of which Australia is a signatory to and also State law here in Queensland, Australia, where I live with my husband and children.

I was inspired by the righteous wife spoken of in Proverbs 31 who obeyed God's wise and righteous law in her trading and it speaks of her choices regarding clothing. In Deuteronomy 22:11 and in Leviticus 19;19, it says that clothing fabric is not to be woven of two different fibres and gives an example of wool and linen fibres being woven together into one fabric and says, "don't do that!". In Numbers 15:38, we are told in God's righteous law to put small and narrow tassels (Jesus Christ said they are not to be wide and long), on the four corners of our outer garment. 

Pure linen is a fabric made from 100% linen fibres that are either knitted or woven together, after being spun. The fibre comes from flax seeds that have been grown and harvested after flowering and then spun into linen yarn, before being woven or knitted together.

Linen flowers on the linen plants in our backyard. Photo by Mrs Sharon Joy Stay 2021.

This very, breathable fabric, importantly blesses the body by preventing and or reducing skin rashes, allergies and skin irritations and fatigue and energy loss caused by wearing  clothing of fabrics woven or knitted together from two or more different fibres, which is why I believe it was so highly spoken of in God's righteous law.

I will trust that it does not upset you that I like and choose to obey human right's law and live out my faith in the Living God and remain faithful to my marriage to my legal husband Mark. I choose to uphold your human rights also. 

Kind blessings,

Mrs Sharon Joy Stay



Fact: Death rate from COVID-19 higher in vaccinated.

Of the 91 deaths reported in QLD in the past 11 days due to the COVID-19 virus, 70 were vaccinated and 21 were not.  Let's look at some ...