Friday, 11 May 2018

The Parable of the Avalanche and the Cave

When an avalanche is coming,
 the only safe place
is a small, tiny cave.

You can climb inside
 and the Rock will protect you
from the sudden disaster.

The avalanche will still sweep over you,
but you will be safe
it will not harm you.

Inside the Rock,
 you may become frightened.
You may become scared.
It will be cold
and uncomfortable 
and dark
and wet.
It may look like
there will be no food.
So joyfully sing!
It is but for a moment.
For avalanches past quickly.

As soon as it has past,
quickly dig 
your way back out.

In the free, warm sunshine,
you can continue on your way
with joy, 
up the open mountain.

You will have safely survived the avalanche.
You will have safely survived the sudden onslaught.
The Rock was your refuge.
It's tinny, small space was your
Now never reject the offer of small, tiny, cave.

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