The Marvel of 'Unschooling'

I could have done any number of different things today. In fact, it's the same every day. The choices are endless if you think about it. So how do we as Christians decide how we actually fill our days, or to put it another way, how do we know with what activities of daily living we are to occupy ourselves with?

For me, it all comes down to what God desires of me each day. I have learned over the years, that God always give me what He thinks I need, not what I necessarily think I need. You see, I am a created being. He is the Sovereign Creator King. The Bible says that He has prepared good works in advance for me to do. By faith, each day, I ask to do those good things. The things that build up His kingdom, bring justice, defend the widows and fatherless, deliver me or others from evil. I could go on. ....I submit to doing that. Usually it's a heart/mind thing - an aligning of my will with His as I rise or wake up each morning.

In Zechariah 4:10 we read that we are not to despise the day of small things for God's eyes see everything. That's pretty encouraging to me. He sees the little, ordinary things.

My husband has a wise saying in our home "Little things add up". I guess when I was growing up, I had more of a 'Marvel super hero' perception of defeating evil and defending the widows and fatherless and restoring justice. But it is the stone that the builder rejects that becomes the cap stone. Jesus Christ.

You see it's not us that defeats evil at all. It's all Him. All Him. All Him. Jesus Christ is His Name. You want to hear that again? 

So we take captive every thought in the Name of Jesus Christ. We pray over every bill and business in the Name of Jesus Christ. We cook and clean and listen and write and speak and pray and spend and save and invest and draw and code all in the Name of Jesus Christ.

I love Acts 4. Peter and John are preaching and a 40 year old man is miraculously healed. And all the 'VIP's' get very, very worked up about it. "By what power or by what name did you do this?" They ask.

And the disciple Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit...You know what He does? He just preaches the Name of Jesus Christ. 

You know what really 'gets' these 'VIP's? The boldness of Peter and John - "For they were just unschooled, ordinary men." they said.


That makes me smile.

We currently have a mass exodus of school children out of the institutional schools into home education and 'unschooling' in Australia. Some VIP's are getting a bit upset about it all. I can understand that to a point. Change can be stressful for some. The unknown ahead. Near us, only 60 children are attending a state school that normally has 400 students. That's a pretty big drop. The education system that Australia has been using for many years now, is proving to be unsustainable and many, many parents are turning to unschooling. I am not preaching illiteracy here. Don't get me wrong. I am talking about a way of learning that is super ordinary. It's the same method most of us learned to walk and talk and eat with. 

How did you learn to walk or talk or eat? Did you go to a teacher to have it taught to you? No. God had wired it into your body, as developmental milestones, so that you just learned it. And your parents...they just knew how to teach it...for He had wired that in too at some point. And loving parents, they pray each day for their children, to meet each milestone they need to reach in life.

Apparently Australia hit a milestone last weekend. That's what the Prime Minister Scott Morrison said. Not sure what it really means in reality. Maybe we all just started preaching the Name of Jesus Christ and the salvation that is found only in that Name...and stopped worrying about the non essentials. I hope so. I hope that's what he meant.

"For what does it profit a man or woman or child, if they gain the whole world and lose the Name of Jesus Christ? " 

Jesus Christ means salvation. 
Salvation from sin and death's sting and God's eternal wrath.

Can you say the Name?
Where you work?
Jesus Christ, I mean.
Do you have that ability? 
Or did they mute the Name there too?

Unschooled they were. 
Two ex-fishermen. 
Nothing corporate here. 

Yet marvellously turning the whole world upside down for Jesus Christ and seeing people saved and healed and God's Name being glorified.

No wonder we all want to be 'ordinary unschoolers' for Jesus Christ.
No wonder there's a mass exodus. 
It's just marvellous.
It makes me smile.


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