Australia's Bikini/Speedo Shame

Let me just say up front, that when I was young and stupid and foolish, I wore a bikini on a beach in public, in Australia and USA.

I am so ashamed of that.

I stopped doing that a long, long time ago now.

I repented before God

For that is who I really offended.
I asked his forgiveness.
He forgave me.

I ask the forgiveness of the men who saw me as well.
And their wives.
I trespassed.

A beautiful model said that she thought it was okay if you're not fat. I said no. It wouldn't matter if I had the best figure in the is still wrong. Shape has nothing to do with it. It's just plain immodest. 

Not only that, but it violates my marriage to Mark to dress like that in public. It also violates me. I am told not to cause other's to lust. Life is not great when you are walking around in public, pretty much naked for all the world to see and lust at. Lust doesn't come from God. (1 John 2:15-17). Perverts. Prostitution. All evil in God's eyes. He hates evil.

I really hate that for years and years Australia has marketed itself internationally as the land of the  string bikini. What are we all? Prostitutes? Is that the image we want other countries to think of us as? Is that our best asset? Our public nakedness? Bowing to the false goddess of tourism. The 'ism' is always the give away.

It is to our own deep shame.
It is to our deep own embarrassment.
It's all debt.
All trespass.

What ever happened to the 
Great south land of the Holy Spirit?
Our Faith?

What ever happened to righteousness exalting a nation
Simply because it is God-honouring
to do so.

Oh yes.
Australia forgot God.
Forgot she needed Him for life.
The Giver of Life
she disdained.
She forgot Her Maker.
The Eternal One who Breathes out Life into existence.

You see...there are adult men in my household. My husband and sons. I don't want them having to see that at the beach or pool. I also don't want my daughter having to dress half-naked for swimming carnivals and sporting team events. She is not a prostitute. She is not trash. My loving husband doesn't want other men to see me half-naked either in public either. He doesn't want that for our daughter. He protects his daughter as a loving father should. He builds up our family. He protects it. 

Goodness is always good. It doesn't depend on the number of people who think it is good, to be good. It is just intrinsically good, in and of itself. God is good. All the time.

I would far rather honour God who loved me and gave himself up for me, saving me from that lifestyle, than follow foolish men and women, who say in their heart there is no God.

It was Fiji and India who taught me about this. God used the time when I was there in those countries to teach me this lesson from His word. Thank you.

Cover up Australia. It is not just about the sun and sunburn. It's about the Son and His Holy Fire. He is our Sovereign King. Jesus Christ. His Crown. The Eternal Existent One. We worship in Spirit and Truth. One Spirit. One Truth. One Way. One Life. 


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