The Leading Cause of Death in Australia in 2020

As I write this today, in my home in rural Australia, there have been 907 deaths in my country from the corona virus also known as covid in 2020. And whilst that is not a good thing, it has not been the leading cause of death in Australia, in 2020. 

In 2020, 2000 Australians died from prescription only pharmaceutical over-doses, both intentional and unintentional.

More Australians died from prescription pharmaceutical over doses than died from illicit drug over doses. Let me be very clear, that I do not endorse in any way illicit drug taking. But what is significant is that this is a pattern that has been going on for quite some time. It appears from the statistics, that prescription only pharmaceutical over doses have been the leading cause of death for close on 5 years, in Australia. 

What is even more alarming, is that the number of pharmaceutical induced deaths in Australia is out passing our population growth by 3% every year. That is a significant finding.

Prescribed pharmaceuticals are killing more people in Australia than anything else, including the road toll and our population growth is declining by 3% every year because of this, destroying our families, our livelihoods and our economy.

A covid vaccine is not the solution to a health/economic crisis, no matter how it is formulated. Neither is any other pharmaceutical. They will only escalate the problem as Dr Paul Kelly the Deputy CMO for Australia said in a press conference earlier in the year. Pharmaceuticals don't work for covid he said. And he was correct when he said that. Replacing an illicit drug with a prescribed pharmaceutical is not drug rehabilitation. Replacing one pharmaceutical with another pharmaceutical is not drug rehabilitation either. Drug rehabilitation is the ceasing of pharmaceuticals.

The oxford astrozenica vaccine is made from aborted foetal tissue which has falsely been called "immortal".  Australian Health Minister Greg Hunt spoke of this in a press conference with Prime Minsiter Scott Morrison earlier in the year and said that he understood that was very distressing for Christians. His office have confirmed it with me via phone and restated that they were aware that there were already 10 vaccines in Australia that used aborted foetal tissue. I have heard from others that the aborted foetal tissue is replenished regularly, as vile as that sounds and as we would expect, it is not immortal. Injecting yourself with a virus from the blood of a murdered baby is not going to save you or improve your health.  In fact it's wicked. Other vaccines use nano technology that alters the genetics of the person taking the prescribed pharmaceutical. That too is against God's law. We do not put our faith in sorcery for that is unfaithfulness. We do not put our hope in a vaccine for that is hopelessness for God is the author of faith and hope and love. He opposes it.

There is a very good reason that God said to stay away from pharmaceuticals because they would harm us. He is loving us when He says that. Pharmacy is sorcery in the Bible. The two words are interchangeable as I have written else where. In Biblical greek the word 'sorcery' is 'pharmacy'. God also said, 'if you love me you will obey me.'

Time and time again, the Bible speaks against sorcery, warning us to stay away from it, just like it warns us to not steal, commit perjury, adultery, sexual immorality, murder, treason and many other significant sins.

There is a significant link between pharmaceutical dependence and suicide which is why the Australian Government has an important law that says it is wrong to advertise or promote prescription pharmaceuticals to the public (TGA 1989). "Advertising direct to consumers is not permitted (prohibited by the Act),  as you can see below in the first line.  The reference is below. That is the law.  Yet there has been much of that this past year, to  the detriment of Australians. 2000 unnecessary deaths.  I would think none of us want suicide in Australia. That's what Judas Iscariot did - the traitor. King Saul did it too. (1 Sam 31:4). These are not men we want Australian's emulating. We don't need traitors. We need men and women and children of God who are faithful to God, His Holy Word, His Holy Spirit, their country and their families.

There is no such thing as an ethical vaccine or pharmaceutical. God is eternally just. He rules with justice. He says 'no' to pharmaceuticals and the evidence agrees with Him.

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