Sunday, 28 February 2021

The AstroZenica Vaccine is evil intent, not love.



Jesus Christ said to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and to love your neighbour as yourself. To follow the path of mercy and forgiveness and to be blameless. To bless those who hate you and not curse them. Love heals and restores. It is gentle and kind.

In God's word, the Holy Bible, we are warned very strongly to stay away from pharmaceuticals, also known as sorcery. Pharmacy/sorcery/drug/vaccine are synonyms.

In God's word, the Holy Bible, we are warned very strongly to only submit to God, not to evil, the demonic or satan.

In Australia, every human being has the right, no matter their age, to refuse drugs / pharmaceuticals, unwanted sex or unwanted sexual attention and alcohol and to not be coerced or violated or physically abused or raped or murdered for their decision.

In Australia, every business, entity, charity, church, facility, school and home, no matter the size, has the right to not endorse, provide, manufacture, administer pharmaceuticals. It is illegal under the TGA 1989 law to endorse pharmaceuticals to the Australian people. 

In Australia, under Australian Consumer law, Australians have the right to receive good products that are safe and do what they are designed to do, when used as they are designed to be used. We are not to be malicious towards each other or deliberately harm others out of vengeance or anger or because we ourselves have been hurt in the past. No one will prosper in God's goodness, if we behave towards each other like that.

In Australia every human being, no matter their age or vulnerability, has the right to not be coerced with a pharmaceutical.

In Australia, it is illegal to 'push drugs', sell drugs or provide drugs or administer drugs.

In Australia, every person has the right to refuse a substance that has been shown to be unsafe or injurious or to cause death, without fear of coercion or oppression.

In Australia every legal guardian has the legal right to go to those they have legal guardianship over or to have them safely brought to them.

The Astrozenica Vaccine is a drug/pharmaceutical:  

It is a physical product that is a drug made from an adenovirus from a sick chimpanzee mixed with the physical human cells of a murdered baby's kidney cells (confirmed by phone call to me by John Skerritt from TGA and Greg Hunt Australian MP and also confirmed by the list of ingredients supplied by Astrozencia, see below reference) that were illegally traded (it is illegal to trade human body parts) to a pharmaceutical business with the intent of making a pharmaceutical/drug.

That's Not Love. God word says it is evil to murder an unborn baby and offer it as a 'sacrifice' to a false god for 'salvation'. That is paganism. That is sorcery and witchcraft. 

It will harm you.  It is injurious and evil. It is not safe. 

It has and will cause paralysis, blood clots, cellulitis, anaphylaxis, and death.

It will cause an autoimmune disease.

It contains genetically modified organisms.

It is rushed.

The decision to 'use' it was based on pharmacology / sorcery.

It is not safe to use during pregnancy or with breast feeding.

It is not safe to drive a car or operate machinery after injection.

The Australian Government TGA has not approved it as therapeutic and safe and good. They have called it a pharmaceutical / drug and like the Pfizer drug it will harm you.

  1. " The vaccine is manufactured using material originally sourced from a human embryo (Human Embryo Kidney cells: HEK293)."
  2. "ChAdOx1 - S * Recombinant, replication -deficient chimpanzee adenovirus vector encoding the SARS -CoV -2 Spike glycoprotein."
  3. Ingredients include: histidine, histidine hydrochloride monohydrate, sodium chloride, magnesium chloride hexahydrate, disodium edetate, sucrose, ethanol absolute, polysorbate 80 and water for injections., along with ChAdOx1 - S . 

Thank you Jesus Christ that we can pray to you for wisdom and guidance about how to heal our diseases and ask You to fill us with Your Holy Spirit.

Thank you Jesus Christ for delivering us from evil and evil doers and evil spirits.

Bless those who persecute you. 
Bless and do not curse.

Forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.

The Holy Bible 

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