The Basic Core Beliefs of Christianity:

The Perfection

  • The Bible is the only infallible Word of God and this book alone has all authority in regard to God, His creation and man. It is there that we learn of God and it is through this book that He speaks to us.
  • There is but One God, in three persons, the Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit.
  • Jesus Christ is God  and is the creator of the Universe as described in the Bible.  
  • All creation was initially created perfect, without blemish in any form. 
  • Adam and Eve, the first created humans, had a very close relationship with God.

The Problem

  • Adam and Eve, disobeyed God's command and evil entered the world. The relationship with God was broken. The whole of creation became tainted with evil and remains tainted to this day. Evil is often called 'sin' in the bible.
  • Because all humans are tainted with evil (we are born with it), God in his great wisdom and justice has decreed that all men must suffer punishment for their own evil deeds. The punishment is eternal death in hell - a place of weeping, fire and great torture.
  • Each human, on dying, will be judged by God for his evil deeds. Since all humans have done evil, all humans are deserving of hell. We are already condemned. 

The Solution

  • Because of God's great love for us and His desire that we not be sent to hell, though our evil deeds deserve it, God in his great wisdom and justice and mercy sent Jesus (God in the  human flesh) to the earth to provide us with a way out - a scapegoat so to speak. 
  • Since the beginning of evil entering creation, God had promised to send a Messiah (a deliverer) to save the people from eternal punishment and hell.
  • There are over 300 prophecies about this promised Messiah. These Messianic prophecies were spoken over thousands of years, by many different people, in all walks of life. Defying all statistical odds, Jesus fulfilled all these prophecies.
  • Jesus is perfect. He was not tainted with evil nor did he inherit it. He lived a perfect life on this earth and completely obeyed everything God the Father commanded him to do, in stark contrast to us humans.
  • At 33 years of age, in the year 33 AD, Jesus was crucified on a cross and died. He was killed by men because he claimed he was God and the promised Messiah. The Bible had predicted his death. Jesus himself predicted his death.
  • The full wrath of God's punishment on evil was poured out on Jesus through his death on the cross. The full price for all humans' evil was paid, with His sacrifice. This means there is no more debt to pay with regard to punishment for our evil deeds, for those who will declare their trust in what Jesus did by dying on the cross. Jesus was a substitute for you and me.
  • Three days after Jesus died and was buried in a tomb, he was raised from the dead by God. He was seen by over 500 people, some individually and by others in crowds.
  • By rising from the dead, Jesus proved that he was indeed the Messiah, for this resurrection had also been predicted by many prophecies. Through his death and resurrection, Jesus provided the promised deliverance for all mankind.
  • Shortly after his resurrection, Jesus returned to live in Heaven.

The Implication

  • All humans must choose if they are to put their trust in Jesus as the substitution for the punishment for the evil deeds they have done. Forgiveness from God for yours and my sin can only come through Jesus. There is no other way. Forgiveness for all the evil we have done can not be earned by doing good deeds. For we are all tainted with this evil from conception.
  • For those who do choose forgiveness through Jesus, God promises to declare them guiltless and to see Jesus' perfection in place of their own brokenness and evil deeds on the day of judgment. He promises to reward them with eternal life in a new heaven and new earth. They in turn are to stop disobeying God and cease from doing evil. God promises to help them with this holy life by giving them power to overcome their evil desires through the Holy Spirit. A loving relationship with God is started and restored.
  • For those who do not choose to put their trust in Jesus for forgiveness of sins, they will receive eternal punishment in hell. For they chose to ignore the way of rescue provided by God.
  • There are many prophecies about Jesus still unfilled. They refer to Jesus returning to earth, at the end of time, to bring about this day of judgement. Everyone will see Him on his return. 
  • No-one knows when this will occur. No-one knows when they will die and face judgement. All must decide to choose forgiveness and pardon through Jesus. To not make a decision is to choose hell.



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