Life Oils is a registered Australian Business owned by Mrs Sharon Stay, Occupational Therpaist. It is run by the power of God's grace and love and mercy and for the glory of God. 

We sell Essential Oils, Artisan Perfumes, Clothing, Whole Foods and Learning Resources. 

This business first started as a blog called "He Leads Me" in 2011, after Sharon's mum died of endometrial cancer, having had breast cancer. The sins of the fathers and mothers are not to be passed along to the children. Hence, in faith, Sharon asked God to teach her how to live her life, full of God's love and to avoid repeating the same mistakes her parents did. We honour our parents, without dishonouring God. 

We follow God's leading and not our own.

ABN 21227996494 

256 Robinson Road,

Australia 4521.

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